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Death Knight -Unholy PvE

posted Aug 27, 2012 17:33:14 by Razutzy


1. Stats

1. Stat caps
2. Stat priorities
3. Stat weights


2.Talent Build





1.Stat caps:

Expertise cap: 26(781); If you are a Human and you wear sword or mace / orc and wear axe / dwarf and wear mace -> you will need only 23(691)
1 Expertise = 30 Expertise Rating

Hit Cap: 8% (960) in order to avoid missing on bosses (88 Level), if you are a Draenei then you will need only 7% (840) because of your racial.
1% Hit = 120 Hit rating

2.Stat priorities:

Strength > Hit to cap > Haste > Mastery > Expertise to cap > Critical Strike rating > Agility

3.Stat weights:

ilvl 359:
Strength - 2,96
Hit - 1,08
Haste - 0,86
Mastery - 0,82
Expertise - 0,72
Critical strike - 0,66

ilvl 372:
Strength - 3,10
Hit - 1,10
Haste - 1,01
Mastery - 0,90
Expertise - 0,82
Critical strike - 0,76



Prime Glyphs: Glyph of Death Coil, Glyph of Scourge Strike, Glyph of Raise Dead
Major Glyphs: Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell, Glyph of Dark Succor, Glyph of Pestilence
Minor Glyphs: Glyph of Blood Tap, Glyph of Horn of Winter, Glyph of Path of Frost

2.Talent build:


Ingame Script:

/run t,p,a={3,23,33,41,63,72,81,92,103,121,133,141,162,171,182,193,201,1,12,33,42,2,12,}SetPreviewPrimaryTalentTree(t[1],GetActiveTalentGroup())for i=1,#t do a=tif a<9 then p=a else AddPreviewTalentPoints(p,floor(a/10),a%10)end end



a.Diseases (Frost Fever, Blood Plague)
b.Dark Transformation
c.Death and Decay / Scourge Strike (if both Unholy/Death runes are "Ready-to-use")
d.Festering Strike (if both Frost/Blood runes are "Ready-to-use")
e.Death Coil with Sudden Doom proc or high Runic Power
f.Death and Decay / Scourge Strike
g.Festering Strike
h.Blood Tap
i.Death Coil
j.Horn of Winter

Diseases: In the beginning try to apply the diseases with Outbreak if you don't have CD. Otherwise use Icy Touch and Plague Strike.
Scourge Strike produces 36% from physical damage as shadow damage if both diseases are applied(18% per disease). Diseases also apply Ebon Plague on the target, which increases the damage done with 30% and the entire magic damage recieved by target with 8%.

Festering Strike: converts used runes in Death Runes and increases the diseases duration by 6s.

Dark Transformation: when you use Death Coil, your Ghoul recieves 1 stack of "Shadow Infusion". When he gets 5 stacks you can use Dark Transformation in order to increase Ghoul Damage and amplify it's abilities.


Flask: Flask of Titanic Strength
Potion: Golemblood Potion
Food: Beer-Basted Crocolisk sau Fortune Cookie


Alchemy: +80 Strength @ Flask of Titanic Strenght and all flasks duration increased.

Blacksmithing: +2 Extra Sockets(Gloves & Bracers) > 80 Strength(2x Blood Inferno Ruby)

Enchanting: +2x Ring Enchants(+40 Strength on each Ring)

Engineering: 480 Strength for 10 secunde; 1 minute CD(Synapse Springs)

Herbalism: Lifeblood - 480 haste for 20s with 2m CD.

Inscription: Lionsmane Inscription - 80 Strenght other than the Therazane enchant

Mining: 120 Stamina

Skinning: 80 Critical Strike Rating

Tailoring: Shordguard Embroidery - 1000 AP for 15s with 45s CD.


Head - Arcanum of the Wildhammer (Alliance), Arcanum of the Dragonmaw (Horde)
Shoulder - Greater Inscription of Jagged Stone or Lionsmane Inscription if you are an Inscriptioner
Back - Enchant Cloak - Greater Critical Strike or Shordguard Embroidery for Tailorers.
Chest - Enchant Chest - Peerless Stats
Wrist - Enchant Bracer - Major Strength or Draconic Embossment for Leatherworkers.
Hands - Enchant Gloves - Mighty Strength, Synapse Springs for Engineers.
Legs - Dragonscale Leg Armor
Boots - Enchant Boots - Haste
Ring - Enchant Ring - Strength x2, only if you are an Enchanter.
Weapon - Rune of Fallen Crusader


Red - Bold Inferno Ruby, 3x Bold Chimera's Eye if you are a Jewelcrafter
Yellow - Fierce Ember Topaz
Blue - Etched Demonseye
Meta-gem - Reverberating Shadowspirit Diamond

You will use all the time Bold Inferno Ruby regardless of the socket color. If the Socket Bonus is +20 Strength or higher from a secondary stat (like 40-50Haste/mastery) then you can do the Socket Bonus for that specific item.


If you are not hit capped you can reforge the less important stats (Crit/Expertise/Mastery) to hit.
Same thing for Expertise.
Never reforge HASTE!!!. You can(and it's recommended) to reforge less important stats / stats in excess(hit/expertise) to haste. If the item alredy have haste is recommended to reforge to mastery.

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